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Solar Capsule Habitats in urban areas
Solar Capsule Habitats in urban areas

Product Details:
Place of origin: China
Certification: CE, FCC
Model Number: Model E7 Capsule | Model E5 Capsule | Apple Cabin | Model J-20 Capsule | Model O5 Capsule | QQ Cabin


Payment and shipping terms: 

Minimum order quantity: 1 unit

Packaging Details: Film wrapping, foam and wooden box
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks after payment
Payment terms: T/T in advance

Product Details

Product Name 
Solar Capsule Habitats in urban areas
Exterior Equipment
 Galvanized steel frame; Fluorocarbon aluminum alloy shell; Insulated, waterproof and moisture-proof construction; Hollow tempered
glass windows; Hollow tempered laminated glass skylight; Stainless steel side-hinged entry door.
Interior Equipment 
Integrated modular ceiling &wall; Stone plastic composite floor; Privacy glass door for bathroom; Marble/tile floor for bathroom;
Washstand /washbasin /bathroom mirror; Toilet /faucet /shower /floor drain; Whole house lighting system; Whole house plumbing
&electrical system; Blackout curtains; Air conditioner; Bar table; Entryway cabinet.
Room Control Unit 
Key card switch; Multiple scenario modes; Lights&curtains with intelligent integrated control; Intelligent voice control; Smart

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